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About Caring Hands of Wyoming

About Quinn Clark:

Quinn Clark is the president and owner of Caring Hands of Wyoming, a Casper-based, in-home caregiving company. Quinn is a Wyoming native and a fourth-generation Wyomingite. He grew up in Worland, Wyoming, and he has devoted significant time to working and playing on his family’s ranch near Wright. He attended the University of Wyoming, where he graduated with degrees in Accounting and Finance, and he has worked as an accounting and financial manager in both distribution and oil and gas exploration. Quinn was called to begin working in senior care as result of his close relationship with his grandmother. Because of rheumatoid arthritis, Quinn’s grandmother has needed caregiving support for the past 15 years. Despite her physical condition, she has remained a vibrant and positive influence for many people, including Quinn. She was born and raised on the family ranch, and Quinn and his family have made every effort to ensure she can continue residing near her roots. Quinn’s family has been blessed in finding caregiving help, and as a result, his grandmother has been able to lead an independent and mobile lifestyle into her late 80s. Caregiving support has allowed her to remain in her home, which has made a tremendous difference in her quality of life—and she expresses her gratitude daily. These positive experiences led Quinn to form Caring Hands of Wyoming. Caring Hands of Wyoming improves the lives of Wyoming families by helping them navigate the range of senior care services and by providing the option of in-home companion care.



The mission of Caring Hands of Wyoming is to empower people by providing avenues through which our employees can contribute to the independence of seniors in our communities. Our work is a reflection of Wyoming’s values of honesty, reliability, willingness to help, and the courage to do what’s right. We help people live and thrive at home.